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About GrowAAL CITY

Our primary task is to support your business with the very best surroundings, facilities, and advisory opportunities, allowing you to focus solely on the development of your company.

GROWAAL CITY The perfect place for YOUR BUSINESS

With more than 60 companies gathered in one place, you encounter networking and sparring every single day. GrowAAL CITY is a large coworking space and entrepreneurial environment in the heart of Aalborg.

GrowAAL opened in 2019 as a five-storeystory entrepreneurial house, with the ambition of becoming the most inspiring, but also the most well-functioning and professional entrepreneurial environment in Aalborg.

NOVI's CEO, Henrik Lundum, states the following about GrowAAL CITY:

"In the creation of GrowAAL, we had a strong desire to get closer to Aalborg's entrepreneurs and the vibrant city life of Aalborg. GrowAAL is not NOVI Science Park number 2 but a completely different concept, with an opportunity to rent a single office space, an office environment, or to be attached to the house as a drop-in user.

Our hope is that GrowAAL and NOVI's companies can gain synergy across the houses, and the operation of GrowAAL's service concept should be seen in relation to NOVI's long experience with rental of Commercial leases and additional operation. Furthermore, GrowAAL CITY has a fixed Community Coordinator who ensures ongoing presence and development of the house."

GrowAAL is 100% financed and operated by NOVI Science Park, a commercial foundation in Aalborg East.


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