NOVI’s business is within Commercial Lease - and much more.

NOVI adds environment to your business

NOVI houses more than 2,500 employees every day divided on 250 companies. We have 10 office buildings with domiciles, individual offices and co-working spaces. It’s all about creating an office- and research environment which unites innovative thinking, networking and innovation.
Whether you are newly started or already established, we can provide you with a reliable, extra-service environment with at tailor-suited solution to fit your needs. Read more

We can help you

NOVI pays tribute to the idea, the entrepreneurship and not least the people who are able to move from idea to reality. NOVI science park and our entrepreneurial environments GrowAAL CITY and EAST provide an ideal framework for network-based knowledge and growth. We are happy to help you along the way, and our door is always open for conversation, good advice, or a helping hand. Send us a message

NOVI's status as a Science Park

NOVI, situated on the outskirts of the AAU Campus, is connected with AAU via a footbridge, and has, because of a long and close cooperation with AAU, the status of a Science Park. Many may not know what a Science Park is, but in fact it is a place where companies work closely with researchers from AAU on development and innovation in a number of areas and furthermore a community which supports the commercialization of ideas that originate from research at AAU. In NOVI, we have many companies which corporates with AAU on a daily basis. Internationally, it is a great honor to have status as a Science Park, and based on this status, we have been able to attract large, international companies to NOVI. NOVI is also a member of the International Science Park Association (IASP).

We are proud of our companies

For more than 30 years, NOVI has been a cornerstone of (and contributed to) regional and national growth. We provide the right framework for future business. We are receptive to our tenants and seek their counsel as we develop new initiatives. In recent years, NOVI’s development has catapulted. In terms of image and design, our premises and our graphic identity has led the way and our services have been expanded with additional services to make life a little easier for our tenants. We are incredibly proud of NOVI's tenants, and when we present NOVI, we often invite our young tenants/companies along in order for them to tell their story, because they are in fact the ones drawing the future of NOVI. See the companies in NOVI

We support business development

In recent years, we have launched numerous new initiatives to the benefit of business development. New initiatives include among other things:

NOVI Newtech Scholarship 
• GrowAAL entrepreneurial environments 
• Investo Capital - an investment foundation 
• North Funding - a crowdlending platform
• Rum for Rådgivning - Affiliated counselors

NOVI is a foundation

NOVI is a foundation. This means, among other things that we have neither owners or shareholders who receive any dividends. NOVIs operates it’s core business within commercial leases without any financial support from neither government nor municipal. NOVIs earnings are restricted to the purpose described 30 years ago in NOVI's statement of intent (‘to promote technology and business development in the region of Northern Jutland’). Hence this ensures that earnings and any profit from rent etc. are exclusively used for the purpose of business development.

Take your business to NOVI

NOVI is an ideal starting point if you are looking for premises for your business and if you are interested in combining knowledge, growth and creativity with nice environment, including services which can help make your everyday work life easier. Contact us in order to hear more about NOVIs attractive offices. Read more about NOVI's tenancies

Contact us by phone 96 35 45 00
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