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The Community in GrowAAL CITY

At GrowAAL, you're not just renting an office but becoming part of our dynamic entrepreneurial community.


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Meeting Rooms

In GrowAAL CITY, you will find 2 large meeting rooms and 2 smaller online meeting rooms. Our Eventfloor on the 4th floor with a view over downtown Aalborg can also be booked for larger events.

Whether you need to conduct a client meeting, arrange a staff development interview, or present your product, we have a range of meeting rooms for various purposes.

All meeting rooms are equipped with a large LED screen or Full HD projector, and, of course, there is also equipment for video conferencing.

The meeting rooms are available for booking by all GrowAAL residents, and we provide an easy booking system for you to conveniently plan and schedule your next meeting.

You can always book meeting catering from the Food & Co cafeteria to ensure you don't run out of coffee or snacks.






Practical assistance during your workday

If the height-adjustment function suddenly doesn't work on your desk, if you need a new access card for an employee, or if a light bulb has blown, our service technicians are ready to assist you. Simply report your issue in the task management system, and our competent staff will fix the problem for you as soon as possible.



Welcome to your Food & Co. canteen in the CWO House

The Canteen serves a delicious lunch experience in a cozy environment with a varied menu.

You can order a lunch arrangement for your employees and bring your guests as well



We are always ready to help you.
We assist many businesses at NOVI with valuable advice on everything from funding and strategy to organizational issues and assistance with various contacts in our network. And if we can't help you, we guarantee, we know someone who can.


  • Assistance with new requirements and regulations
  • Contact to partners and potential customers
  • Starting a new business
  • Assistance in finding board members/advisors
  • Entrepreneurial advice from people who have been in the same situation as you
  • Finding mentors
  • Help with new reporting requirements (e.g., ESG)
  • A good personal advice, if that is what is needed.
Don't hesitate to contact us if we can assist you with anything.
Best regards,
Henrik Lundum, CEO
CEO at NOVI, Henrik Lundum.