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Activities & events at NOVI

Join exciting activities at NOVI. We host both social and professional events for NOVI and GrowAAL's companies. Three times a year, leaders, founders, and directors gather at the NOVI Executive Club, which is a C-level network in NOVI.


Find your new network and enjoy a vibrant environment full of activities.

In NOVI, you become part of a living environment with innovative companies and entrepreneurs, where plenty of activities take place every day.

As a community, NOVI offers you the opportunity to network with exciting individuals, experts, and potential business partners. Both social gatherings and professional events provide a great platform to expand your network. You will meet people who are willing to share their own knowledge and experiences without expecting anything in return- the way it has been since NOVIs birth.

Our events are not only for networking; they are also for learning and sharing. You gain access to exclusive workshops and lectures, providing insight and inspiration to drive your business forward.

Ultimately, it's about more than just an office or an event. It's about being part of a community where we can develop together.

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We are always ready to help you.

We assist many businesses at NOVI with valuable advice on everything from funding and strategy to organizational issues and assistance with various contacts in our network. And if we can't help you, we guarantee we know someone who can.


  • Assistance with new requirements and regulations
  • Contacts with partners and potential customers
  • Starting a new business
  • Assistance in finding board members and advisors
  • Entrepreneurial advice from people who have been in the same situation as you
  • Finding mentors
  • Help with new reporting requirements (e.g., ESG)
  • A good personal advice, if that is what is needed.

Don't hesitate to contact us if we can assist you with anything.

Best regards,
Henrik Lundum, CEO


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Knowledge & News

NOVI Scholarship UCN

UCN is renowned for offering one of the most outstanding entrepreneurial programs, which nurtures and enhances the entrepreneurial skills of young individuals. Through a focused approach to education and practical experience, UCN has positioned itself as a leading institution that molds new generations of talented and successful entrepreneurs, fostering mutual support and guidance among its students.

The NOVI Scholarship serves as a stepping stone towards a new business endeavor. It encompasses not only a monetary award but also mentorship and assistance that can drive the establishment of a sustainable enterprise.


NOVI awards the NOVI Scholarship annually to UCN students in their 5th, 6th, or 7th semester or recent graduates who can present a business idea with significant sustainable potential, capable of being transformed into a venture at NOVI in Aalborg. The Scholarship is awarded once a year at UCN's Entrepreneurship Celebration held in October.


A cash prize of DKK 250.000
Office space at NOVI for 12 months at a 50% discount rate
Accounting assistance and legal support provided by NOVI, equivalent to 50 hours
Total value approximately DKK 300.000



NOVI Scholarship AAU

The NOVI Scholarship is a tribute to innovation, courage, and vision. It is not merely financial support; it also includes mentorship and assistance along the way, making it a springboard for new small businesses.

Aalborg University's dedicated educators and experts in entrepreneurship are committed to creating a learning environment that not only inspires but also challenges students to think innovatively and develop their ideas. This approach has made Aalborg University a significant contributor continuously shaping new entrepreneurs. It also means that there is always an ecosystem of new entrepreneurs emerging into the world.

Who can apply?

Are you a student in your 9th-10th semester at Aalborg University or are you a recent graduate from Aalborg University? Do you have an idea which has a scalability potential? Then you are the one we are looking for! Whether your idea is a technological breakthrough, a sustainable solution, or a new approach to a market, we would like to receive your application. Students from all disciplines at AAU can apply for the NOVI Scholarship.

The Scholarship includes

A cash prize of DKK 250.000
Office space at NOVI for 12 months at a 50% discounted rate
Accounting assistance and legal support provided by NOVI equivalent to 50 hours
Total value approximately DKK 300.000

The next application deadline will be announced in the fall, 2024.