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Important product was close to being scrapped

"If we had been a regular commercial company, one of our most important products right now would have been scrapped a long time ago," says Christian Ingerslev, Vice CEO of EMD International.

For many years, we have been selling our core product, windPRO, well. However, throughout the company's lifespan, we have been incredibly fortunate to have a group of employees and a board willing to invest in new technology and software that was barely needed yet but believed to be the right choice.

And the developed product, energyPRO, has suddenly become much more relevant for our company due to the increased focus on Power-to-X and Decarbonization, where the software is ideal to use.

Photo: Vice CEO Christian Ingerslev at EMD's new office in NOVI's office community.

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"Power-to-X made our product super-relevant"

"We are one of those companies who grew a lot online and realized how people were hungry for webinars and online courses that quickly and accurately train them in the company's various software and technical topics, such as Power-to-X. And the webinars and courses are always fully booked — it has exploded for us a bit," says Christian Ingerslev cheerfully.

Energy trading boosts new product

Our core product for many years has been windPRO, but with the developments in the sector, energyPRO also has significant development potential currently, and we feel very privileged that we started the development of this software several years ago."


"We're almost afraid to market it"

EnergyTRADE is another product that can navigate the energy market. The product was also developed before there was significant focus on the energy market, but it has now become extremely important to be able to manage energy production and get the right prices for energy.

"It's a product we have huge demand for right now, and we almost dare not market it because we're afraid of being overwhelmed by demand, but it's a luxury problem," continues Christian Ingerslev. "We are constantly hiring new people, and we are in a new era where all our products will overlap and be integrated.

Our products are used by companies such as Eurowind and, through them, everyone working with thermal systems, such as Centrica, Danske Commodities, and Energi Danmark, etc."


Customers lead the world market

"We have experienced that one of the world's largest energy companies with more than 500 energy plants globally has downloaded our software, so we are very excited about what it will entail for us.
Right now, recruiting employees and retaining them is extremely important for our business so that we can serve both current and new customers.

EMD has gone from 28 employees in 2019 to 40 in 2023. They have just moved into a brand-new wing in NOVI, where the company has been located for 35 years in NOVI, while several employees have celebrated their 35th anniversary. EMDFonden is active in corporate investments in green profiles, which they call "green minds."

FACTS about EMD International

  • Software company, Fund-owned
  • Green energy planning and optimization worldwide
  • Calculations for, e.g., new wind farms, solar installations, etc. Power-to-X, energy prices
  • Economic optimization for operational facilities
  • EMDFonden supports "green minds"
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