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Tasklet factory a NOVI tenant

tasklet factorys domicile at NOVI Science Park.


The entrepreneurial book '5 Invaluable Coincidences - & How They Became a Success' is the background for this article.

During the first 5 years, the company did not earn a single penny; everything was invested in salaries and product development. Starting as consultants laid the groundwork for their product development, but often the development was tailored to each customer's specific needs – which rarely allowed for the reuse of the very particular adaptations. Moreover, Peter List, founder of Tasklet Factory, faced a huge challenge juggling the roles of salesperson and technician until they could finally hire a dedicated salesperson. Nevertheless, there was something about Tasklet Factory, as their customer-focused approach became the foundation of the final product, and it was this valuable quality that customers returned to time and time again.

Photo: Søren Larsen, Peter List, Peter Bro.

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Put the user first 

Usually, a scanner needs to be usable by different people within the same organization, and precisely this problem was solved by Peter and his team with a combination of user-friendliness and tailored solutions. Meanwhile, competitors developed complex solutions that rarely ended up being used in practice. Instead, Tasklet Factory turned the situation on its head and prioritized users first. This meant that an employee in a warehouse or elsewhere could easily, quickly, and safely operate the solution with just a small update. Customers could have mobile scanners delivered within two days, no matter where in the world they were. With these clear advantages, Tasklet Factory has truly managed to establish itself in global logistics. This is why they have now also opened their first international office in Florida, USA.


Clever and Lucky on the Microsoft Platform

Peter thinks that they have been clever but also a bit lucky to build the product on a Microsoft platform. Thanks to Peter's previous work and his network in the Microsoft universe, it was easy to present early versions of the solution through that channel. However, Tasklet Factory was already on the brink of having the rug pulled out from under them. Just as Peter had flown to Stockholm to introduce the solution, he received an unexpected message that Microsoft would drop their entire department and platform.

Fortunately, fate offered Peter an opportunity to present the solution's benefits to a potential customer who valued the solution's advantages more than the costs of rebuilding it on a new technological platform. This chance came just in time and became a key factor in saving the company from a critical situation. Shortly after this meeting, Tasklet Factory landed a huge order, serving as a lifeline in the crucial moment.


To Holland in a Little Toyota Yaris 

The collaboration with Microsoft in the network created a fantastic sales adventure that initially sent Peter on trips to dealer meetings in Belgium and Holland – all in his little Toyota Yaris. However, this journey also led to an unexpected visit from the taxman, as the mileage deduction got a bit out of hand. As is often the case with startup adventures, there was often a shortage of funds, and in the early stages, salaries were, among other things, sustained by a credit line of 1 million Danish kroner from their bank.

It was precisely at this time, when Peter had just become a full-time father to his second lovely baby, that Tasklet Factory took its first steps. Here, NOVI came into the picture and eased the burden by handling the accounting, allowing them to invest all the hours needed in the most important aspect: running and developing the business.

Whether it was accidental or perhaps just sheer luck, Peter won't decide, but today he is grateful that Tasklet Factory navigated through the startup phase without bringing in external investors. With the establishment of their American office, they also avoided the time-consuming process of navigating complex hierarchies or seeking permissions from people who might not fully understand their business. "It may have cost us a bit more time – whether it was the wisest path to take, I don't know. But right now, it feels fantastic, and the future looks really bright," Peter List shares with us.

Today, Tasklet Factory has grown to over 40 employees and delivers mobile scanning solutions worldwide.

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