NOVI provides a reliable and business-oriented environment that turns your high-tech ideas and projects into reality.

NOVI is the entry ticket for your idea

NOVI is one of Denmark’s most innovative science parks, in which more than 1,000 employees in 100 companies work alongside each other every day to create an office and research environment that brings together new ideas, networks and innovation. 
Regardless of whether you have just set up your business or are already well established, we put a reliable full-service office environment at your disposal and tailor a solution to match your needs. 

Our ambition and motivation

NOVI acclaims ideas, entrepreneurship and – not least – people that are able to turn ideas into reality. We create opportunities and stability, and our science park provides the ideal setting for network-based knowledge and growth. 

NOVI is the driving force behind a long-standing and successful innovation network that generates synergy between knowledge and growth for the benefit of high-tech entrepreneurs and the business community in Denmark.

Jesper Jespersen, Chief Executive Officer at NOVI

We have generated growth for 25 years – and will continue to do so 

We are not afraid of saying it out loud: NOVI creates regional and national growth, and throughout the first 25 years of our existence we have demonstrated that we have the ability to create the right settings for those with good ideas. Our close links to Aalborg University and the local business community make up the soundboard for all our activities – and our economic drive is the key to pushing things forward. We wish to inspire innovative entrepreneurs and companies to think in new ways, to take a chance and to fight to achieve their goals. In return, we create the framework to enable such success to be realised.

NOVI is an ideal starting point if you share the ambition of uniting knowledge and growth and the desire to create even more successful companies. If you or your company has the idea – then NOVI has the location. Contact us and hear more about our attractive offers and start-up packages.

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