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Prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines
Cloud computing consultancy services and software development
An effective treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Innovative software solutions for mobile and satcom
Power and heating plants for biomass
Innovation and Research Support
ETN that combines newness, legitimation and theory building
Electric-technical solutions
Internationalisation - emerging markets
Body modeling software
Ultracapacitor and energy systems for green public transport solutions
HR, Outplacement, stress and well-being, coaching
Design & Construction
IP Consulting - patent, trademark, and design protection
Innovating automation
Integrated sortation and conveying systems
Proteomics, Machine-Learning, Deep-Learning, data analyses.
Development of soft intelligent exoskeletons
Advertising and Web Agency since 2014
Brain Health Software
Support to small and medium-sized companies
Veterinary-scientific expertise and ‘know how’
Engineering and developing satellite communication
Learning based HR solutions
Software for Telecom
Linux network and application consultants
Recruitment and outplacement
Software for the construction industry
Engineering and consulting company
Quality Automation for Supply Sector
IT Consultancy
Cryptating solutions
Confederation of Danish Industry
Securities on blockchain
DNA sequencing and data analysis
Global IT services partner
Maintenance Management Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics
ERP-hotel and financial management
Digitalization of energy solutions
Smart Lifting Solutions
Dynamics AX
We create value through IT
Application and server development
Software for sustainable energy projects
Denmarks Cluster organization for the energy sector
Integrated Energy Systems
Commercial software solutions
IT-consultant - adviser & applikation developer
Cluster organization for food and bioressources in Denmark
Integrated school communication systems
Project consultancy
Measuring equipment for sports clubs and physiotherapy
Geografiske informationssystemer (GIS)
Consulting Surveyors
Project management
Management and recruiting
Strategi- & salgsudvikling
Professional accounting
Marketing, communication & branding
Automation, Engineering, design, PLC software programming
Human resources
Description coming soon
Intelligent software solutions for automated logistics
Transform ideas and research into novel products and solutions
Part of the Foreign Ministry of Denmark
Software systems
Development and sales of group training systems
Subscription administration for magazines
Intelligent audio solutions
Elektroniske designløsninger
Research and Education – Library and Information Science
Simple solutions with overview and compliance.
High Voltage Consultants
Test solutions for electronics
Consulting and management
Outplacement you can trust from end to start
Software development, public sector
Maximizing and securing your technology
Engineering consultancy through human excellence
Long term inflation safe propertyinvestments
Energy visualization, monitoring and control
It-operations and hosting
Environmental consulting
R&D for wireless communications systems
Loans to companies in North Denmark
Mechanical design, product development, prototyping
Promoting activities that foster internationalization
Supplier of ERP
Statistics department Aalborg
Constructing for the energy sector
Headhunting and recruitment
PLM Inside Dynamics AX
Engineering- and consultancy services
Life Science - research, diagnostics, and treatment
Research center
Information technology
We help you get customers
Beskrivelse kommer snart
Smart Parking Solutions
AI and Robotic Systems
Erasure Correcting Codes
Software for vibration analysis
Development of RF hardware
Talent development & Recruitment
Software for data analyses systems
CMS Software
Best-In-Class Mobile WMS
Telia’s and Telenor’s united mobile network
fosters the enjoyment of reading in children
Engineering consultancy company
Sustainable energy plants
Corrugated steel structures
Denmarks leading company within payroll and HR solutions
Geographical information systems (GIS)
Water consultancy
Embedded software
Payment Solutions for e-com and instore
Engineering solutions
Cyber Security Software Products
Data-driven Energy Trading Company

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