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EMD International A/S.
An important product was almost ditched
- “Had we been a normal, commercial business, one of our current and most important products would have been ditched long ago," Christian Ingerslev, Assistant General Manager of EMD International says.

For many years, we have performed well in terms of selling our core product windPRO, but we have been incredibly lucky throughout the company's lifetime to have a group of employees and a board of directors, willing to invest in new technology and software which was barely needed at the time. However they still believed it was the right decision to invest in the future.

The developed product, energyPRO, has suddenly become much more relevant to our company due to the increased focus on Power-to-X and Decarbonization, where the software is an obvious choice”.
Assistant General Manager Christian Ingerslev shows EMDs new office in NOVIs office community.
Power-to-X made our product super-relevant”

-“We are one of those companies who grew significantly during the Corona pandemic, and discovered how people hungered for webinars and online courses which quickly and accurately train in various Company software and technical themes, e.g. Power-to-X. The webinars and courses are always fully booked - it has kind of exploded for us”, Christian Ingerslev says.

Trading with energy boosts a new product
- “For many years, our basic product has been windPRO, but with the rapid development within the sector, energyPRO currently has a great potential, and we feel very privileged that we started the development of this particular software several years ago.

energyTRADE is similar product which can look into the energy market. This product was also developed prior to the increased focus on the energy market, but now it has become extremely important to be able to manage energy production and determine the right price for the energy”. 

”We are almost afraid to market this”

- “We are experiencing a huge demand for this product at the moment, and we hardly dare to market it, because we are afraid of drowning in high demand, but obviously- this is a luxury problem”, Christian Ingerslev continues. 

- “We are constantly recruiting, and we are in a new era where all our products overlap and about to be integrated.

Our products are used by for example Eurowind, and through Eurowind, also companies which work with thermal systems, e.g., Centrica, Danske Commodities and Energi Danmark, etc”.

Customers are worldwide market leaders 
- “We have experienced that one of the world's largest energy groups with more than 500 energy plants globally has downloaded our software, and we are very excited to learn what this will mean for us.
Right now, recruitment and retention of employees is extremely important to our business in order for us to provide service to both current and new customers”.

EMD has expanded from originally 28 employees in 2019 to 40 employees in 2023. The company has just moved into a brand new, large wing at NOVI, where the company has resided for 35 years, during which, several employees have celebrated their 35th anniversary.

The EMD Foundation is active within corporate investments, focusing on green profiles, known as "green brains"
FAKTA re. EMD International 
Software company, Trust Ownership
Green energy planning and optimization worldwide 
Calculations of new wind turbine farms, solar parks etc. 
   Power-to-X, energy prices
Financial optimization related to current facilities.
The EMD Foundation supports “green brains”

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