The winner will be anounced on April 21st, 2023

Every spring NOVI awards a Scholarship for 9-10 semester students or 1. year graduates, who are able to present a specific business idea, containing sufficient, sustainable potential, whilst en-abling the concept to be converted into a business, based at NOVI in Aalborg.

The Scholarship will be granted once every year during the AAU Annual Celebration.

Content of the Scholarship

  • DKK 250.000,- in cash.
  • Office premises at NOVI during 12 months at 50% discount.
  • Accounting services and legal assistance supplied by NOVI, corresponding- in total - to 50 hours.

Total Value approximately DKK 300.000,-.


  • The applicant(s) is required to apply for the Scholarship based on a business plan pre-senting an evident idea and potential.
  • The business idea must be sufficiently founded – to a degree where the applicant(s) either has, or intends to, set up a company in order to try out the business concept.
  • We expect the applicant(s) to establish a company at NOVI. At the same time, the ap-plicant(s) must have the inclination to enter into entrepreneurship, including the will to take on potentially challenging tasks and risks.
  • In addition to the above, the applicant(s) must enclose documentation, confirming they are students at 9-10 semester (Transcript of Journal/Udskrift af studiejournal)

The Selection Committee strongly emphasize the importance of demonstrating that the presented ideas actually solve a problem, and, in addition, that this new business will generate more jobs in Northern Jutland. 
All studies demonstrate a higher success rate for new start-up companies which are based on more than single ownership. This is the reason why we encourage students to join up in smaller groups. With this scholarship, we hope to be able to stimulate entrepreneurship in Northern Jutland even more in order for the good ideas, presented by the students, to get the best possible preconditions for succeeding.


Henrik Lundum


NOVI Scholarship winner 2022: Cinematronic

(film in danish with english subtitles)

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