Innovative Safety Vest for Surfers receives NOVI-Scholarship worth 250.000 kr.

NOVI recently announced the two students at Aalborg University, who will receive this year's Scholarship Grant of DKK 250.000. The NOVI scholarship will be awarded for the fourth time in 2021.

See film about the winners (danish)

A windy day on the west coast - lots of surfers – only a selected few of them are wearing safety equipment such as life jackets. The reason for this is due to the many problems and downright dangerous situations that life jackets create for surfers, as it deprives them of the opportunity to dive under the waves and escape the current in dangerous situations.

The Safety Vest from Pacific North is an inflatable vest for surfers which is mounted on the wetsuit with a semi-permanent solution, so you do not have to remember extra equipment when you are in a hurry. At the same time, the vest can be switched between winter and summer wetsuit. The vest is manufactured in signal colors with reflectors for better visibility on the water and can be inflated when you pull the anchor on the chest. The even distribution of air on the front- and backside ensures that you are kept stable, in an upright position in the water, from where you can either wait for help or swim ashore. The design of the vest ensures the surfers good mobility and the opportunity to be facing down, paddling on the board.

“There were 5 finalists for the NOVI Scholarship this year, and amongst these, Pacific North presented a project that did not leave the Scholarship Committee in doubt of who should win the Scholarship 2021. The idea presents the innovation of a solution to a known problem which reflects a more elegant, as well as functionally improved product. In the future, I am sure that we will see Pacific North's product used all over the world, why it makes us happy and proud to be able to present the NOVI Scholarship 2021 to Pacific North” says CEO of NOVI, Henrik Lundum who, in cooperation with Dorte Stigaard, Innovation Director at AAU, and the entrepreneur Mads Peter Veiby, form the Scholarship Committee.

PACIFIC NORTH has already moved into the entrepreneurial environment GrowAAL EAST, where they are in the process of completing their product.


For further information, please contact:

Henrik Lundum, CEO, NOVI, mobile 29 69 55 42/  

Lea Becker Frahm, tel. 29 84 80 48,

Stefan Dybro, tel. 51 64 75 22,


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