The BIOTEch-GIGANT ROCHE sets up a new development-HUB at NOVI Science Park

Long term, NOVI has an ambition to frame a large Bio/Medico cluster in Northern Jutland, placed a stone’s throw from the new university hospital in Aalborg.

As per 1/1 2021 Roche is a new tenant at NOVI, and the frame for the new hub is NOVI 8, placed close to both Aalborg University and the construction of the new university hospital in Aalborg.

  • "We are actually quite excited to be able to establish our first regional hub right here at NOVI. The partnership agreement we have signed with Region North Jutland and the Faculty of Health Sciences at Aalborg University has inspired us to get closer to our business partners and our joint activities and projects in this region. This is actually why we have chosen to set up a Roche hub, with premises close to our partners in Northern Jutland. The environment oozes innovation and inspiration, we can look straight over to our partners, and the premises are completely on a par with the standards for sustainability, aesthetics and functionality, which Roche tries to comply with internationally, "says Jane Hilligsøe, Healthcare Development Partner, on behalf of Roche in Denmark.
  • “On behalf of NOVI, we warmly welcome Roche and we are, on several fronts, able to see the start of a bio-medico cluster, which is placed next to the new university hospital. In the long run, we might have to find (or possibly build) an entire building for the cluster in order to reach full potential”, says Henrik Lundum, CEO at NOVI.
  • “At Aalborg University, we are very excited about the new 'neighbourliness'. It lies in our DNA to coorporate crosswise. Both across professional competences e.g. physicians, engineers and humanists, but also across all the players who altogether can ensure that new knowledge benefits patients and the health authorities”, says Rector at AAU, Per Michael Johansen.
  • Head at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Lars Hvilsted Rasmussen, shares this enthusiasm:  “At the Faculty of Health Sciences, digital health is paramount, and a close collaboration with one of the world's leading companies in the medicotechnical industry is essential for us.”


  • NOVI's Chairman of the Board, Mayor Thomas Kastrup Larsen also welcomes the new cluster. “I regard this as the first important step towards a new, exciting opportunity for Aalborg and we hope this is only the beginning.”




Henrik Lundum, CEO NOVI +45 2969 5542


Roche (F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG) is a Swiss multinational healthcare company, operating globally focusing on two areas: medicinal products and diagnostics. In addition to this, Roche's involvement in R&D contributes with largest private budget within the life science industry. In the most recent financial year, Roche invested DKK 81 billion globally in R&D.


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