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DNA-sense - en virksomhed i NOVI Science Park.



DNA analyzers for sustainability

In a time of increasing focus on sustainability, DNASense is experiencing a resurgence and a growing demand in the "green" market. A highly relevant example of this trend is the analysis of bacteria in the stomachs of animals. Agriculture faces a challenge in reducing methane emissions from animals, and the solution lies in the microscopic inhabitants of their digestive systems. Probiotic analyses are also highly sought after, as they not only help reduce methane but also improve animal welfare and yield. "It's an exciting development," explains CEO Mads Søndergaard.

PHOTO: CEO Mads Søndergaard and COO Mie Bech Lukassen have been founders of DNASense, which has been based in NOVI Science Park since its early days as a spin-out from Aalborg University.

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On the journey towards green solutions, DNASense has not been able to avoid attracting attention. The company has been involved in optimizing biogas plants and utilizing resources in wastewater through DNA analyses. But their commitment doesn't stop there. Water samples, soil samples, and the identification of microbiological pollution and contamination are also on their agenda.

Photo: Mie Bech Lukassen in action analyzing DNA sequencing.


Organic Growth Requires Space and Power

With an annual growth rate of around 20%, DNASense has needed extra space and resources. Three times, they have moved to larger premises in NOVI. Surprisingly, their advanced DNA analyses have attracted plenty of customers without significant marketing. The COVID-19 pandemic temporarily slowed down the construction of new laboratories, but it has not derailed DNASense. They already have their eyes set on a new project: comprehensive laboratory facilities in collaboration with NOVI. "We will continue our growth and consolidate all our activities here in NOVI," says Mads Søndergaard.

Servers: The Heart of Analytical Capacity

Behind the advanced DNA analyses are powerful servers that DNASense cannot do without. In NOVI, you will find their own server room, home to four servers and sequencing units. It is these servers that enable the processing of the massive amounts of data generated by DNA sequencing.

The servers and powerful sequencing units are essential for processing the enormous amounts of data required by DNA sequencing. A sequencing unit is seen here in front of the screen with the two illuminated fields.


Growth Phases and Specialization

In addition to the four core employees in the company, each with a PhD background, DNASense also collaborates closely with the Center for Microbial Communities at AAU. In total, there are seven full-time employees and two hourly consultants, with the goal of reaching around ten full-time employees by the end of the year.
"We have gone through the first growth phase where we were a few employees juggling everything ourselves. Now, we work more specialized, and it is a challenge that requires constant adaptation. Transitioning from doing everything yourself to a more specialized approach is a familiar journey for many entrepreneurs experiencing rapid growth," concludes Mads Søndergaard with a smile.

Facts about DNASense in NOVI

DNASense was founded in 2014 as a genuine spin-out company from AAU. DNA-Sense has been acquired by Clinical Microbiomics in 2024. Since 2017, DNASense has been based in NOVI Science Park and has expanded internally in NOVI three times by moving to larger office spaces. They have their own server room in NOVI, and there are plans to establish new lab facilities, internally in NOVI, specifically designed for state-of-the-art DNA/RNA extraction and sequencing.

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