NOVI is a science park and an office environment for high-tech companies looking to create growth, innovation and jobs.


Innovation and network are the driving forces behind NOVI becoming Denmark’s most powerful environment for research, technology and business.


You have an idea, a product or a service – but need a base. Come and become part of Denmark’s most powerful network.

Be part of something greater – become a part of NOVI

NOVI is Denmark’s biggest and most innovative office environment for high-tech and knowledge-based companies. More than 100 enterprises of all sizes are based at NOVI, where they can take advantage of an inspiring professional environment and the close links to Aalborg University and the surrounding business community. This generates growth and new opportunities that cut across the various disciplines of NOVI’s numerous high-tech enterprises. 

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Base Camp

Do you have a small – yet established – business that is looking for an office community for a small number of employees? Then BASE CAMP is ideal for you.

From DKK 2,700/month

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Big Camp

Do you need premises for a large enterprise that requires an office environment that can accommodate a large number of employees and has all the requisite facilities? Then BIG CAMP is your natural choice.

From DKK 11,800/month

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Ignition Camp

Have you just started up your business and are looking for an office environment with good facilities and networking potential in the high-tech sector? Then this year you can realise the benefits of Ignition Camp.

JUST DKK 1,900/month

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