Network connection

Residents at NOVI have the option of connecting company computers to the common network at NOVI – referred to as NOVInet.

If your company chooses to use NOVInet, you will receive the basic infrastructure required to connect the company’s own computers to a local network, on which you can share files, printers, etc. You also get internet access from all computers via a firewall. You have access to common resources such as a mail server, www server and proxy server. You can also choose to have extra services such as VPN access to your own servers.

The folder below (see link) covers the standard configuration for a company at NOVI. Some firms have special wishes or requirements that need to be satisfied if they are to use NOVInet. If there are wishes or requirements that are not covered in this description, you are of course welcome to contact us in order to discuss your particular case.

Enquiries concerning daily operation of the network should be addressed to, or by phone on + 45 9635 4445

Contact person Steen Jensen, Netic A/S


Read the folder about NOVInet here in Danish


Accounting Service

NOVI’s Accounting Department handles the accounting function of around 60 companies with 1-40 employees in various sectors. We carry out accounting tasks for subsidiaries of a number of international enterprises in Denmark reporting to the parent company.

The Accounting Department has 15 years of experience of servicing just about every type of enterprise. The department has 6 employees, each with several years of accounting and auditing experience behind them.

Services are provided according to individual agreements with the company concerned.

The Accounting Department is located on the ground floor of NOVI 5. Contact person Bent Jensen.

See our online brochure highlighting what we are able to offer you Danish  English

NOVI’s Accounting Department is able to offer the following services:

 • Preparation of annual accounts

• Preparation of interim accounts

• Preparation of budgets

• Budget follow-up

• Examination and entry of vouchers

• Booking of vouchers

• Balancing of accounts

• VAT accounts

• Closing of annual accounts

• Payroll services

• Other administrative tasks

• Accounts payable

• Invoicing and credit control

• Project accounts

• Reporting to foreign parent companies

• Property, plant and equipment register


Furthermore, we cooperate with a number of recognised accountancy firms.


As a resident at NOVI you can take advantage of the opportunity to have your enterprise presented at When moving into your premises, you will receive a mail to this effect that also has details of how to create a logo on the electronic board in the foyer, Niels Jernes Vej 10. This service is free of charge. If you make any changes to your profile, please contact Mette Solskov.

Marketing assistance (paid service)

If you require help with regard to marketing material, we will be happy to help you, either with good advice or with help in terms of the design and production of the material itself.

You can get help with regard to the following:

Business card – design and printing

Flyers and brochures – design and printing

Roll-ups and other display items – design and production

Websites – design and advice

Logos and graphic identity

You are welcome to enquire about prices and ask for quotations for specific tasks.

Contact Mette Solskov,  NOVI, Niels Jernes Vej 10, ground floor 

Furniture, fixtures and fittings

As a tenant at NOVI, you are able to rent fixtures and fittings whenever the need arises.

There are many types of equipment available. For enquiries, contact


As a tenant you can gail access to the CV-pool and if you have a vacancy, you can make a jobentry. Contact Mette Solskov

Contact us by phone 96 35 45 00
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