Conference rooms and meeting route

Conference rooms at NOVI

Log on to NOVI’s booking system. Here you can book conference rooms and refreshments.

If you have not been set up as a user, contact reception, Niels Jernes Vej 10. 

Guidelines for using the conference room booking system
User guide (PDF)


Walk the meeting route from NOVI – part of an active meeting culture.

I FORM Meeting route – 1.38 km (approx. 20 min)

If you have any questions, contact reception at or tel. +45 9635 4500.

Repair & service

The service department at NOVI deals with everything from minor repairs to light bulbs that have blown and regulation of the temperature in offices – anything that will enable your leased premises to function on a day-to-day basis.

When contacting the service department on weekdays with regard to faults and other issues, use our message and task system at

Help concerning service tasks

We offer our help on an hourly basis on tasks such as hanging up pictures, moving fixtures and fittings, installation of lamps, etc. Send us a mail at


Mail reception

Received mail is sorted and distributed every morning in residents’ own mailboxes, which are located in the mailroom at reception. 

If you receive a parcel, you will be contacted directly by reception.

Mail dispatch

When sending mail, you have to use a postmark code for the postage meter. You can obtain this code from reception at Niels Jernes Vej 10. You can of course also frank your letters with your own stamps and leave them for dispatch in the mailroom. Your postage costs will be invoiced on a quarterly basis.

You can also buy your own stamps/postage and just place your mail in the mailroom.

In the event of dispatch of parcels/courier post, you must make your own agreement with a provider of this service.

If you use Pacsoft or another PostNord label service, you can leave your stamped/postmarked parcels for dispatch in the mailroom.

PostNord collects mail on Monday-Thursday at 15.30 and on Friday at 15.00.

Geodis collects parcels everyday at 15.00

Canteen / EK Caféen

Canteen opening hours are

NOVI 1: weekdays 11.30-13.30

NOVI 6: weekdays 11.30-13.00

NOVI 8: weekdays 11.30-12.30

Card scheme

The canteen offers a company lunch programme, whereby you/your firm pay via a barcode. Contact the canteen on tel. +45 9635 4523 in order to enrol on the programme.

If you do not have a company lunch programme, it is vital that you have your NOVI entry pass card with you, as this qualifies you for a discount for employees (see examples below).

Pay in cash/by card every day that you eat at the canteen.

Examples of prices:


1 hot dish or 1 bowl of soup and 1 small bowl of salad, 2 slices of rye bread, 1 slice of white bread, 2 types/cuts of cold meat, 1 slice of cheese – DKK 40.

Other dishes

1 sandwich: DKK 29

1 large bowl of salad with 1 slice of bread: DKK 29

1 small bowl of salad and 1 loaf of rye bread with 2 cuts of cold meat: DKK 29

You must clear away your crockery and cutlery after eating in the canteens. The area for dirty plates and cutlery is just behind the till.

Help the canteen by putting your chair up after use.

All NOVI’s canteens are operated by EK Caféen, which also provides catering to NOVI’s conference rooms.


See large version

Plan of buildings

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Conference catering

NOVI’s canteen offers conference catering at all NOVI’s conference rooms or collection from the canteen.

You can order catering when booking your conference room. Link to booking here

User guide for booking / catering (PDF) in Danish.



Rent includes daily cleaning, which consists of the following:

Cleaning at offices

Weekdays (5 times per week):

Wastepaper basket emptied

Visible dirt removed from floors


Once a week:

Wiping off surfaces of desks and other fixtures and fittings up to a height of 180 cm.

Dusting/wiping off of window sills, lamps and marks on walls.

Removal of marks on glass doors and glass partitions.

Floors washed or vacuumed thoroughly (depending on floor covering).

(The day on which thorough cleaning is carried out is marked in the recess on the door to the office).


Approx. once a month:

Light fittings wiped down

Blinds wiped down

Cupboards and sills above head height


Window cleaning

External window cleaning is carried out three times a year.

Internal window cleaning is carried out twice a year.


Fitness centre

NOVI’s fitness centre has a treadmill, exercise bikes, dumbbells, exercise mats and various exercise machines.

Everyone with a place of work at NOVI’s buildings can take out a fitness subscription and use the fitness centre.

If you wish to take out/renew a subscription, complete the registration form and deliver it to reception along with your payment. You will then have access to the fitness centre with your entry pass card. If you do not have such a card, you will receive a new card for use in the fitness centre.

Prices and terms and conditions can be found on the registration form (in danish).

Smoking policy

It is forbidden to smoke in NOVI’s buildings. This applies to both communal areas and leased premises. 

There is a smoking area at the gable of NOVI 1A, as well as at Novi 6 under the A-B elevated section (at the descent to the basement car park) and at NOVI 8 at the cycle parking area.

Electricity consumption – help us to save

NOVI has high electricity consumption which we are trying to reduce. You can make a contribution by:

• Turning off PCs and monitors when leaving the office – also when leaving the office for short meetings.

• Turning off lamps and ceiling lights when leaving the offices – also when leaving the office for short meetings.

• Switching off printers and photocopiers outside working hours.

• Closing the cover on photocopiers.

• Turning off the light when there is sufficient sunlight.

• Using low-energy bulbs.

• Using standby functions and switching off machines outside working hours.

• Choosing low-energy office equipment when purchasing new equipment.

Contact us by phone 96 35 45 00
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