Reception and answering service

Reception personnel will assist your guests and can answer your telephone calls if you are not present.

If you are connected to NOVI’s telephone system, you can use the following to improve communication with your customers:


Automatic transfer of incoming phone calls

You can automatically transfer your calls to reception, if necessary with a message that the receptionist can pass on, or transfer calls to, for example, your mobile phone at a time defined in advance.


Automatic transfer of incoming phone calls

1.  Open CMG Office?

2.  Select Activities tab

3.  Login ? xxxx (extension no.) ? Enter (do not enter password)

4.  Select New activity, Code, Dates, From/Until time and Transfer to number or reception

5.  Press Save

6.  The phone is now configured for automatic transfer of incoming calls

Opening hours

NOVI’s outer doors open at 07.00 and close again at 16.00 on weekdays (Friday 15.30).

NOVI’s doors are locked on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. In order to gain access to the building outside opening hours, as well as to your own offices, an entry pass card must be used. Such a card can be obtained from the service department.

Reception opening hours

Monday to Thursday 8.00-16.00

Friday 8.00-15.30

Closing days 2016

May 6. – the reception and all canteens are closed.

The summer holiday: Canteens  NOVI1, 6 og 8 are closed week 29 & 30. Instead we offer sandwich delivered to NOVI. Info by news email. Subscribe by joining the list on the bottom of this page.

The accounting department is closed the entire week 29.

Christmas and New year – Tuesday Dec. 27. – Friday Dec 30. – both days inclusive – the reception and all canteens are closed.


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Mail reception and dispatch

Received mail is sorted and distributed every morning in residents’ own mailboxes, which are located in the mailroom at reception. 

If you receive a parcel, you will be contacted directly by reception.

Mail dispatch

When sending mail, you have to use a postmark code for the postage meter. You can obtain this code from reception at Niels Jernes Vej 10. You can of course also frank your letters with your own stamps and leave them for dispatch in the mailroom. Your postage costs will be invoiced on a quarterly basis.

In the event of dispatch of parcels/courier post, you must make your own agreement with a provider of this service.

If you use Pacsoft or another PostNord label service, you can leave your stamped/postmarked parcels for dispatch in the mailroom.

PostNord collects mail on Monday-Thursday at 15.30 and on Friday at 15.00.

Geodis collects parcels everyday at 15.00

Contact us by phone 96 35 45 00
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